It is free for anyone who wants to participate in tournaments for real prizes in the crypto currency. Anyone can enter the game, train and equip his avatar so well to win in tournaments with big prizes for the participants.

Prizes of tournaments are formed by 12th holders of tokens, from the greater part of the crypto-currency collected by the game, the same 12 participants of the game board will observe the fairness and correctness of the whole game.

Various weapons protection and other privileges can be purchased for crypto currency, everything that can be bought for crypto currency can also be earned in heavy fighting on the streets of Cryptolandy, as well as participate in various gaming campaigns. It will also be possible to find chest with real crypto coins in hidden places.


At the first stage, an airdrop and bounty will be conducted for 100,000 Cryptolandy tokens.

This will achieve the recognition of the project.

At the pre ICO stage, we plan to distribute 100,000 Cryptolandy tokens at a price of 1 € per token. These funds will be needed to produce a game trailer,

to create a website and advertise the game.

At the second stage, ICO, we plan to sell 800,000 tokens at a price of 2,5 € .

These funds will be used to create and advertise the game.


Cryptolandy is a self-developing game based on democracy works.

Owners of Cryptolandy tokens, can vote to modify and improve the gameplay and management of the game.

Crypto currency is the basis and purpose of the game.

Games with augmented reality are not widely known to the public. Such games are much more interesting than traditional video games. On the example of the game “Pokemon go”, you can see the uniqueness and novelty of the games. The game does not take place in a virtual space, but in real urban areas.

For the safety of players it is better to use outdoor recreational areas closed for transport and other dangerous urban phenomena. The game of AR is similar to a game in a frisbee in the park. In addition to individual games, large festivals are held in the same way that they organized a “Pokemon Go” in the central park of New York.

A simple game of “Pokemon Go” has collected 1.2 billion dollars since 2016. This was done at the expense of micropayments, which are very convenient to conduct using a blockchain system. On mobile devices you can use crypto-currency payments. Which will be very cheap.

In the blockchain you can see the income of the game to all participants. Owners of tokens will be able to see the profit that will be transferred to them according to their shares quantity.

Players will be able to see the prize fund of the tournament, for which they will obtain items of the game. Most of the micropayments will go to the prize payments.

51% of the profit of the game will be played out among the best players. Players will act as miners in the game. Spending money on micro-payments players, will create a prize fund for the game.

At the first stage prizes will be offered in the form of tokens of Cryptolandy at the exchange rate at the time of the tournament. Any winner can leave tokens for which dividends will be paid, and tokens will give the right to control the game. If the player does not want to own tokens, he will be entitled to sell them on the exchange.

In total there are 10 million tokens in Cryptlandy. The first 100 thousand will be sold for the preparation of the main ico. The collected money will be used for making the trailer of the game and website improving.

Another 100 thousand tokens will be used for airdrops and bounty. 800 thousand tokens will be sold at ICO. The remaining 9 million will be distributed among the winners of the tournaments.

51 percent of the profit that will be paid tokens, collected in the reserve fund of Cryptolandy under the control of 12 owners of more Cryptolandy tokens and will be spent by consensus on the needs of the game.

The model of Cryptolandy is similar to the bitcoin model. Only in contrast to bitcoin, dividends will be paid to Cryptolandy tokens owners.

The game is planned to be as realistic as possible. Most of the elements of the game will be done with the help of the motion capture technology. Playing in Cryptolandy will be like to being in the medieval Matrix.

Even if Cryptolandy earns ten times less revenues than “Pokemon go”, then the dividends paid for the first pre-ICO tokens will be 600% of their price.

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